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This witch takes in strays...

Hi, folks! I've got a brand new fantasy release for you this week, especially for animal lovers!

This witch takes in strays. Stray animals, not stray ex-boyfriends, magical cultists, or shifters. At least, that used to be the rule… Luna Summerwood has always taken in strays. As a witch who runs a veterinary clinic, she’s healed creatures that fly, swim, and crawl. She’s not the most powerful Summerwood witch; her only magic is the ability to communicate with animals. But when an exotic maned wolf is brought to her in the dead of night, Luna is plunged into the shadowy underground world of shifter trafficking. With the help of her ex-boyfriend—who also happens to be a local deputy and someone who pushes all her buttons—she investigates a series of occult crimes involving missing farm animals. After her ex is nearly killed, Luna discovers that the Casimir, a cult of magical collectors, plans to steal the maned wolf. This beautiful maned wolf is more than he seems—he’s a shapeshifting man named Renan. He was once captured by the Casimir and forced to do their dark bidding. Luna is his last chance at finding sanctuary…and perhaps love. But the Casimir want more than just Renan. Centuries ago, the Summerwoods warred with the Casimir. Now, these sorcerers will stop at nothing to possess the Summerwood land and the buried magic of the witches themselves. Now available! $2.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited:


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And for fantasy and science fiction lovers, check out the SFF 99c Promo, running now! This promo includes one of my novellas, Winter's Last Reign. Take a peek at all the books on sale this week, here:

I hope you're staying warm and enjoying all the fabulous books! I've filled my e-reader and I'm going to hibernate until spring. Happy reading! -Laura

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