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Beyond Twilight Storybundle - With My New Book!

Hi, folks!

I'm delighted to announce that my new book, Morrigan's Blood, is now available in the Beyond Twilight vampire Storybundle!

Why a Beyond Twilight bundle? It's been more than fifteen years since Bella and Edward became household names, and while Twilight captured the imagination of a generation, today's world is very different. From #metoo, to politics to science and culture, the world is beyond Twilight.

Vampires have evolved.

This bundle is about what's next.

Check out all the books in the Storybundle here:

Here's the scoop on my book:

Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.

As a trauma surgeon, Garnet Conners has seen more than her fair share of blood. But when one of her patients walks off the operating table and disappears into the night, she finds herself caught in a war between legions of vampires and witches in her city.

Garnet has dreamed of bloody battlefields for years – and a mysterious lover who controls a kingdom. In her waking life, Garnet is shocked to meet that man in a club. Merrel knows her from another life, a life in which she was the legendary Morrigan, goddess of death and war. Garnet rejects the notion of magical incarnations altogether. But she falls in with Sorin, a handsome warlock who's determined to protect the former bootlegger city of Riverpointe from a secret society of vampires. Haunted by crows and faced with undeniable proof of magic, Garnet scrambles to protect her career and loved ones from magical violence.

Abducted by vampires who seek to turn her into a vampire against her will, can Garnet seize the power of the legendary Morrigan to forge her own path in her embattled city? Or will she be forced to serve as a fearsome weapon in a deadly nocturnal war?

Morrigan's Blood is available exclusively in the Beyond Twilight storybundle. It's first in my new Crow's Curse series. Morrigan's Blood will release on Amazon in September...but you can grab it now with a bunch of other fabulous vampire reads!

Happy reading!

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